It’s rough gig when you have to spend your time uncovering some of the newest and most adorable pups and kittens online that are worth following. I’d like to think it’s my duty, a public service really (ok, we both know it’s just selfish motive to get my cute-fix in) but here are 5 feature-worthy pets from the social animal kingdom that deserve your every “aww” and “ooh” coming their way.

Let’s kick it off with man’s best friend. From Instagram-worthy retrievers to bloggable pugs, you’d be barking mad not to love these adorable pups.

01 // From matching outfits to helpful pet-focused reviews, Maitr and her pug pup Ari from Honey I Dressed The Pug travel around NYC making us swoon with their colorful photos.


02 // Run by their owners Kristin and Marcus, Camper and Honey Bee are two Instagramming Golden Retrievers known for showcasing their mischievous personalities and afternoon snoozes.



03 // Giving us the rundown on traveling with pets, Nita and her dog Roofus inspire thoughtful pet ownership alongside fetching photos on their blog Next with Nita.



Rounding out this list of purrfect pets (you know I had to) are some new favorite felines worth following.

04 // Meet Emily and her best feline friend, Evee, from Whiskered Away. This dynamic duo from Georgia are wanderlusters at heart, who capture and share each of their adventures spent together. Not to mention, Evee is quite possibly the most beautiful cat alive. 


05 // Alex is the proud owner of Kesha, a cat he adopted and has since made an art out of photographing and adventuring with. Check out Hey Kesha, BFF of Evee, cat #4.


Although there are many more pet-friendly posts worth reading, here are just a few favorites to make your day a little bit brighter.  


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