Pets, let’s face it, we don’t deserve them. Whether you prefer cats or dogs, or consider yourself an equal opportunity animal lover, there’s plenty of ways to make your furry BFF feel special. Share the love with a little inspiration from these DIY pet project ideas.


Homemade Dog Treats

Man’s best friend will sit, stay, and roll over backward to get his paws on these Homemade Dog Treats. You can go with ingredients like delicious peanut butter and pumpkin like this recipe from Eating Bird Food or sweet strawberry from The Cozy Cook.



Dog Leash Holder

Organization makes the world go round; at least, that’s the theory with this DIY Dog Leash Holder project from A Shade of Teal. This creative craft not only makes a stylish addition to your front entryway, it also acts as a handy place to store your dog’s leash in between walks.



Cat Scratching Post

It’s no secret that kitties have claws. However, there are plenty of easy ways to keep your cat from destroying your furniture. All you need is a piece of wood and some rope. After all, better these custom Cat Scratching Posts from Almost Makes Perfect and Salty Canary than the arm of your brand new couch.



Kitty Litter Hider

You might love your cat, but that doesn’t mean that you have to love their litter box. Luckily, Sugar and Cloth has a creative solution that will hide your kitty’s litter box while still fitting seamlessly into your modern interior design style. All you need is a few sheets of plywood and a fresh coat of paint.

Pet Feeding Station & Storage

Dinnertime should never be a dull affair. Jazz up your furry friend’s feeding area with a DIY Pet Feeding Station or store your pet food in something that matches your home-style. Fancy bowls, a fresh coat of pet-safe paint, and repurposed pallet wood are just some of the ways that you can customize this project and make it your own. Check out these too-cute projects from Dream Green DIY  and At Home with Ashley.



Hopefully, these projects gave you the inspiration you need to turn your house into an animal-friendly home. If you liked these tutorials, check back in for even more DIY craft ideas!


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