If you take your coffee in an IV, then listen up. Every true coffee lover knows that your daily cup of joe isn’t limited to mornings alone. With all of the different home brewing options out there, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a coffee-shop quality drink from the comfort of your own kitchen. Explore the following recipes to find the perfect way to get your daily caffeine fix morning, noon, and night.


01 // Black & White Cookie Latte

This Nespresso Black and White Cookie Latte by Runway Chef is coming to you straight from the streets of New York City. Inspired by the classic dessert, this urban latte is a modern twist on a traditional deli shop treat. Not only does this homemade latte taste great, but it looks pretty too. Dark chocolate, steamed milk, and a light dusting of cocoa powder turn this coffee drink into an Insta-worthy treat.


02 // Iced Vanilla Maple Syrup Coffee

Some people might try to convince you that iced coffee is only for the summertime, but why limit yourself? A drizzle of maple syrup takes this Nespresso Iced Vanilla Maple Syrup Coffee by Scout Sixteen from a warm-weather-only drink to a delicious beverage that can be enjoyed all year long. After all, every season is iced coffee season.


03 // Honey Almond Milk Latte

This Honey Almond Milk Latte from Waiting on Martha might be dairy free, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less rich or creamy than a traditional latte. Hot frothed almond milk, a drizzle of golden honey, and a sprinkling of cinnamon means that this is a must-have coffee drink for those early weekday mornings.



04 // Dark Chocolate Orange Chocotini

Twice the espresso means twice the fun in this Nespresso Dark Chocolate Orange Chocotini recipe from Runway Chef. This citrus and chocolate coffee drink is the perfect choice for those sleepy mornings when you just need an extra jolt of caffeine to get your day started. While this is a virgin martini inspired recipe, there’s nothing stopping you from turning this coffee drink into an indulgent happy hour cocktail.



05 // Pumpkin Spice Latte

Is any coffee recipe collection truly complete without the undisputed king of fall beverages: the Pumpkin Spice Latte? Skip the crazy coffee shop lines and make this cold weather staple from The Kentucky Gent for yourself. Pumpkin puree and coconut milk add a lighter twist to caffeinated drink, meaning you can enjoy as many as you want guilt-free. Artificial orange coloring not required.


06 // Almond Milk Cappuccino

The saying “less is more” comes to mind when talking about this Nespresso Almond Milk Cappuccino. If you’re a coffee purist, then you’ll appreciate the simplicity of this dairy-free drink from The Fox & She. Freshly brewed espresso and frothed almond milk are all it takes to create this classic coffee recipe. It’s so easy, you have no excuse not to upgrade your daily caffeine fix.


07 // Brown Sugar Cinnamon Cortado

Sugar, spice, and everything nice, that’s what this Brown Sugar Cinnamon Cortado is made of. Fox and Briar has the full delicious recipe. It doesn’t take much to dress up your daily morning drink; all you need are a couple of basic pantry spices. After all, who wouldn’t want to start their day off with a double espresso kick from this coffee-shop-quality beverage?


08 // Irish Mocha

St. Patrick’s Day may be long passed, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy this homemade Irish Mocha from Fox and Briar all year round. Dark chocolate, peppermint syrup, double espresso, and a dollop of whipped cream—it would be bad luck not to make this coffee drink! Impress your guests or add a sugary twist to your morning routine with this surprisingly easy recipe.

Treating yourself to a high-quality cup of coffee doesn’t have to be hard. With the right tools and some easy ingredient add-ins, anyone can unlock their inner barista.

March 27, 2018


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