Of course, I’m going through a stage where I want, no, need everything marble. It’s a craving deep in my soul that can’t seem to be quenched. Okay, that sounds a little dramatic but you get the picture. I think a lot of you feel the same.


Marble stuff can be a little on the expensive side though. I love this accent table from Crate and Barrel but $269?! Psh! My house is mainly Ikea so until they start making things with marble I’ll be making it myself, which probably means I’ll be making it myself forever. Apparently, marble isn’t big in Sweden? …Am I the only one that balks at furniture prices but will spend stupid amounts of money on shoes and purses? Yikes.

Anywho, this table is sooooo incredibly easy and with a total price tag of $83.09, I’m all over it!

Round Marble Serving Board
21″ Tripod Stand
Liquid Nails for Marble
Caulking Gun


Once you have your marble board, tripod stand, Liquid Nails and super sexy caulking gun, the first step in this two-step project is to put a thin layer of the Liquid Nails on the stand.


A few notes here, if you’ve never caulked there really is a seal and you really do have to puncture it. It’s way at the bottom of the tip, unlike all the pictures I saw implied! I tried and tried to get that dumb caulk gun to work to no avail. I googled it and they said you have to puncture the seal but all the pictures showed doing it with a sewing pin so I got a pin and like… yeah… no seal. Turns out unless you have crazy long pins, you’re never going to puncture that thing. You’ll need to find a very long nail or something, or if you’re like me, have your husband show you that the caulking gun has a puncturing thing built in.

Second note, use less than I show here. I had the Liquid Nails start to come out the side and through the little holes. If that happens, no biggie. You just have to smear it back up. I would recommend just keeping an eye on it.


Then place your stand smack-dab in the center of your marble board. And voila! You have an adorable accent table …after it completely dries in 24 hours.


So marble. So accent.

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