Male lifestyle influencers are, unfortunately, a rarity in the web space. Although they may be hard to come by, we’ve collected a list of some extremely talented men to keep your eye on because we think you’ll be seeing a lot more of them in the future.


Justin C. Blomgren

Justin is a lifestyle, travel, and menswear blogger based out of San Francisco who oozes charm and has a smile that basically makes you want to become his best friend. Catch up on Justin’s adventures on Instagram.


Eric Wertz

From 9-5 you can find Eric working as a full-time electrician, but in desperate need of a creative outlet to share his love for fashion, family, food, fitness, and travel—Blue Collar Prep was born. Eric is living proof that dads can indeed have swagger (and his adorable son, Nate, proves you can be dapper at any age.) Tag along with Eric and his sweet family’s adventures on Instagram.


Josh Johnson

Josh Johnson, also known as The Kentucky Gent, is a southern boy at heart. Although he has that classic, southern love for bourbon and beer, you may not have originally guessed that Josh was from Kentucky based on his great fashion sense and many passport stamps. Josh is the epitome of a lifestyle blogger—sharing everything from food and fashion to travel, home decor, and entertaining. Catch up on Josh’s latest by following along on Instagram.


Saul Carrasco

Born in Texas, Saul’s blog Trend Styled takes his readers back and forth between LA and NY—sharing GQ-worthy outfits, his favorite grooming products, travel to exotic places, and life with his sweet pup Colbie. Follow along with Saul on Instagram.



Patricio Patterson

Patricio Patterson, with his iconic geek-chic glasses, lives in San Antonio and takes his followers to fun local joints with the best cocktails, coffee, and food—all while effortlessly dressed like he’s living in a magazine. His frequent “dad-jokes” and contagious smile on Instagram make Patricio a man worth following.




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